The Importance of Proactive Dental Hygiene

Ever wondered why your dentist urges you to come in for regular visits, brush your teeth, and floss? While many view routine dental care a hassle or waste of time, that can’t be farther from the truth. They do their best to help maintain dental health, educate patients about their oral hygiene needs, and provide excellent service at affordable prices.

General Dentistry for Optimal Oral Health

General dentistry covers the majority of your dental care needs, from necessary cleanings to treating periodontal disease. Typically, we recommend that you visit the dentist at least once every six months. These visits cover basic cleanings, examinations, and x-rays.
For those suffering from periodontal disease, it’s recommended to make appointments every three to four months for deep cleanings and to ensure your teeth and gums are responding well to treatment.

Complications of Poor Oral Hygiene

When a person doesn’t keep up with proper oral hygiene, complications can ensue. Tooth decay can develop from lack of brushing, and periodontal disease can crop up if you don’t keep up on proper flossing. Both of these issues can eventually lead to tooth loss or additional illness.

Affordable Dentistry in Gaithersburg

Aside from sounding somewhat daunting, regular visits to a general dentist can be expensive. For the affordable Gaithersburg dental care, turn to Gordon Center for Advanced and General Dentistry. We discuss your treatment options with you and ensure you understand the costs up front. Because we are not in any insurance network, our office and you are the only ones making decisions about the appropriate level of care for you. We can help with pre-authorizations and filing with insurance to ensure most affordable dental care for each of our patients.

When it comes to Gaithersburg dental care, you want a dentist that can cover the majority of your oral health needs, keep you up to date on dental care recommendations and treatments, and provide quality service at affordable prices. If you’re in need of new, or more comprehensive, general dentistry, it’s time to contact the team at Gordon Center for Advanced and General Dentistry. Let us start you on the way to better, complete dental care today.