Teeth In A Day™ and All On 4™

All On 4, implant supported hybrid teeth is the perfect solution for a person who is missing teeth, has a lot of broken and loose teeth, periodontal disease, or has a lot more dental work to be done and is just dentally exhausted. These teeth in a day allow you to have the custom made smile you have always wanted……..with teeth extracted, implants placed, and teeth tightened in ….all in just one day. Just imagine… a dental surgeon can sedate you (put you to sleep) and when you wake up you will have a new set of teeth in your mouth!  These teeth are firmly secured to implants and can only be taken out by a dentist. For the right candidates, this procedure will change your life!

Over 3O Years of Experience At Your Service

At Gordon Center for General and Advanced Dentistry, Drs. Leonard and David Gordon have done more of these immediate load screw down hybrid teeth than any other private practice office in the tri state area. You probably see advertisements for this procedure at a national corporation. Our office has been here for over 30 years.  We take care of our patients as a part of our dental family. We use the best implants and hybrid teeth that the research literature studies use and recommend. Clearly, the Gordon Center for General and Advanced Dentistry is “THE BEST CHOICE!

Not Only Do We Practice, We’re One of a Few Who Also Teach

Dr. Leonard Gordon lectures nationally on this topic to other dentists who are looking to learn this concept of  ALL ON 4, TEETH XPRESS™, Teeth in a day™ and Immediate load Hybrid teeth . He is the Clinical Advisor to Van Hook Dental Studio. Van Hook Dental Studio is one of the largest manufacturers of this particular final teeth process in the country. Restorative doctors, dental surgeons and periodontists from coast to coast, Arizona and New Mexico to California and Washington to New York, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia seek out Van Hook Dental Studio to process their patient’s fixed Hybrid Teeth.

Drs. Leonard and David Gordon are two of the few dentists in the country who are able to do the challenging conversion process that takes the patient from their diseased pre-op condition to the healthy provisional state. They have together developed and refined the restorative technique to give you the best possible result. This result is the beautiful smile you can be proud of. Drs. Leonard and David Gordon will help guide you thru the selection of the perfect size, shape, and arrangement of teeth for your perfect custom made one of a kind personalized smile. Characterization of the gums for a natural smile is planned. Only the finest, natural looking, appropriate teeth are used for this procedure. They can discuss with you whether an acrylic hybrid fortified by a titanium bar or a harder Zirconia Hybrid is the best choice for your situation. Corporations only offer one choice for everyone.

Say Goodbye to Dentures and Hello To Your New Smile!

Some of our patients have beautiful confident smiles for the first time in their adult life. Our patient age ranges from 37 to 90. These teeth allow you to eat foods that you may have avoided for decades. Recent research points to an inability to chew with normal proper force can lead to memory loss. Lower cognitive ability (weaker memory) has also been attributed to the inflammatory process of periodontal disease as well as missing teeth. Immediate load fixed Hybrids give you virtually the same chewing force as natural teeth as well as freedom from embarrassment of loose, slipping, or old ugly dentures or partial dentures.  Old ugly teeth and dentures make an older you. A new bright whiter beautiful smile makes a younger looking you.

You can finally, throw away your dentures! Fixed screwed in hybrid teeth will free you from the seemingly endless cycle of tooth decay and root canals and teeth crowns. You will never again need a denture adjustment because these revolutionary screwed into place hybrid teeth lightly press on the gums, but do not use the gums for support.  You are never too young or too old to change your life! And when you decide to change your life, it makes sense to come to the most experienced private practice dental team of Drs. Leonard and David Gordon at Gordon Center for General and Advanced Dentistry.

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